"Amanda takes her role extremely seriously and ensures all her team members are thriving within the workplace and outside of it; she is an integral force behind the company culture and this is reflected in everything she undertakes. "

/  Natasha D'Souza - Operations Manager at Tigerspike  /


"Having the privilege to work with Amanda allowed me to see and experience her earnestness in understanding people and organizational needs. And through that, Amanda was key to creating a culture and environment where people felt valued. No matter what Amanda did, suggested or who she championed for, she did so with heart and attentiveness from start to end."

/  Dominic Wong - Director of Design at Invoke  /


"Amanda brought a bright and positive energy to our team. She is a great listener who cares deeply about people and the businesses she works for. I would be thrilled to work with her again!"

/  Bill MacEwen - Former CEO of Spacelist /



"Amanda is truly one of a kind. Working with us, she brought much-needed leadership, energy, and commitment. But most of all, she cared – about our clients, about the work we did, about the company itself, and most of all about the people. From the CEO to the interns, Amanda was a trusted colleague and a fantastic resource."

/  Brian Lemond - CEO at Brooklyn Digital Foundry  /