Administrative Services

Every business has administrative needs. They’re the tasks that keep things running and, quite literally, the lights on. However, when tasks build up, it becomes incredibly overwhelming. Most likely, admin work falls on the founders of the business, which leads me to ask: What is your time worth to you and your team? All too often I’ve seen small to medium-sized businesses suffer from poor strategic resourcing. Your time can be better spent focusing on the big picture while I handle the backend operations. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.


accounting + bookkeeping // payroll // proposal + contract writing // data entry // travel // meeting coordination // customer service // facility management

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Event Planning

I am passionate about bringing people together and creating memorable experiences. My specialty is mixing creative support and direction with obsessive logistics so my clients can see their visions go off without a hitch. I've worked in the high-paced industries of entertainment, production, advertising, and tech. I understand the benchmark of producing impeccable first impressions and lasting communities whether it’s a film festival, conference, or launch party. Let's talk and I’ll make it happen.


eventbrite + invitations  // volunteer coordination // venue scouting // catering + vendor coordination // limited budgets // facilitation // sponsorship // raffles + prize draws

Workplace Consulting 

Sometimes it goes beyond an administrative role. You need someone that is a specialist at analyzing the operations of your team. Someone that can identify and treat the causes and not just the symptoms. No need to be sheepish! You’ve been focusing on building your business and the logistics often fall by the wayside. Now is the time to set your organization up for success by building keystone habits within your team -  Get organized and get excited!


file management + organization // HR + People and Culture // feedback practices // leadership development // software implementation // best practices


Culture Consulting

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is more important than ever to retain talent. It’s no longer acceptable to only offer base salaries and three weeks vacation. Having worked in both traditional HR roles, as well as more forward thinking People and Culture roles, I can help shape your organization’s culture that will keep your employees happy, and attract the best talent the city has to offer.


recruiting // building benefits + perks packages  // team bonding + building // conflict resolution


"Amanda is truly one of a kind. Working with us, she brought much-needed leadership, energy, and commitment. But most of all, she cared – about our clients, about the work we did, about the company itself, and most of all about the people. From the CEO to the interns, Amanda was a trusted colleague and a fantastic resource."

/  Brian Lemond - CEO at Brooklyn Digital Foundry  /